It's an Illusion, Michael

I was surprised to recently read that NBC is reviving Knight Rider as a made-for-tv movie, hopefully to be a stepping stone to a new TV series featuring a talking car.

For me, this is great news, as I was a huge fan of the show and one of my major complaints currently is that I can’t find any re-runs of the show on cable.

They’re making some changes to the show. KITT will be some type of Ford Mustang. The Hoff won’t be the star, but rather, the show will be based on the adventures of Michael Knight’s son. But the most surprising change is the voice of KITT, this man:

From two wheels to four wheels.

According to, Will Arnett will be the new voice of KITT. I’m a fan of Will Arnett. I think he’s been great in Arrested Development, Blades of Steel and his appearances on Late Night. But it’s just weird to think of him as KITT.

Then again, I’ve been wrong before about casting choices.

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