Another one jumps the shark

My one-time favorite cable channel is now, for the most part useless to me.

Whenever nothing else was going on, I could always turn VH1 Classic on in the background and listen/watch as they played video-centered shows all day long.

But that’s gradually been changing. They cancelled/disappeared their request show, started playing This Is Spinal Tap 108 times a month and then devoted a show to interviews from 60 Minutes. But then last night, while checking out their program schedule, in the hopes that they’d gone back to their roots for one night, I was astonished to see that after playing Spinal Tap, their feature movie for the night was Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters is one of the greatest movies of all time. But it has no connection to the world of music. Unless you count Huey Lewis suing Ray Parker Jr. for ripping off ‘I Want a New Drug.’

So now, it looks like if I want to watch bad music videos, I have to tune into VH1 Classic in the middle of the night. Or not go to work.

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  1. i always collect the greatest movies from all decades including the 60’s. i love to watch movies.`**

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