Double-O Sayid

The last scene of tonight’s Lost blew my mind.

I was thinking that maybe Sayid the secret agent worked for the scary black dude. Or Mr. Widmore. But no. He works for secret surgeon/veternarian Ben.

In about a two-minute scene, this show threw a whole load of new questions right out there to go along with all of the mysteries around that show. To wit:

-How (other than ‘by thinking with his heart instead of his gun’) did Ben get Sayid to do his bidding?
-Is Ben off the island for good, or can ge go back and forth at will?
-What does killing people have to do with saving Sayid’s friends?
-Is Ben behind the Oceanic Six getting off the island?
-Can this lend any weight to Ben’s assertion that he is, in fact, one of the “good guys”?

And those are just from the last two minutes.

Other thoughts from this week:

-The Civee said this week’s flashforwards reminded her of the Bourne movies, and I can’t say I disagree. There was an undercurrent of secrecy in all of Sayid’s off-island scenes, and the shooting scenes (with the guy at the golf course and the girl at the end) definitely echoed Bourne-style action. But I’m just glad they weren’t shot in that too-tight, no-clip-longer-than-three seconds style those movies rely on.

-I thought Sayid’s girl, Elsa, was a bit of a two-face. By the way, was she wearing the same bracelet as Naomi?

-Last week, I said I liked the pilot guy. Now, after his “I bleed Yankee blue” line, he gets the support of King Tom. I hope they don’t pull a Paulo and Nikki on him anytime soon.

-I didn’t think Hurley was acting. I thought after his misplay of the cabin situation, that Locke’s group left him, which would have made sense with Hurley in the closet. I was impressed that he could turn heel on Sayid and Kate like that. By the way, Hugo had two great lines this week, with “the boat sent us another Sawyer,” and the one about Sayid killing someone with break-dance moves.

-Speaking of the other Sawyer, I’m not surprised Sayid traded Miles for the English bird. And I’m not surprised of Lapidus’ reaction. I don’t think Miles is totally a “second Sawyer.” Yeah, he has the sarcasm, but (and this could be because we don’t totally know Miles yet), Sawyer has a soft side.

-Speaking of original recipe Sawyer, I think Ben’s little speech got to him, where now he wants to stay on the island. Sawyer realized that on the island, he’s Han Solo. Off the island, he’s Greedo.

-(Even before the end scene) I was thrown off by Ben’s secret room. Clothes, loads of old money and a few passports. Maybe he doesn’t spend as much time on the island as he says.

-Was it me, or before the big reveal at the end, did they add the Darth Vader effect to Ben’s voice?

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