The Taste of Bauer

Those wacky Brits will drink anything.


if you travel to Britain, you can buy “24 CTU,” “a new citrus-flavored stimulation drink brand,” according to this report.

It’s from Cott Corp., “one of the world’s largest non-alcoholic beverage companies” offers the drink in both regular and diet, natch.

When I think 24, I really don’t think citrus flavoring. Maybe something more along the lines of Dr. Pepper with a touch of gunpowder. And what’s with the diet version of the drink? The last thing Jack Bauer needs is a drink with fewer calories and less sugar.

While I’m on the topic of 24, I read recently that the next season probably won’t air until January aught-nine. And at this point, I can’t really say that I care too much about that one way or the other. I was really disappointed with last season, and while I’d like to see the show return to its former glory, I don’t really expect that to happen.

I think that in the past few seasons, the show killed off too many fan-favorite characters, non-fan-favorite presidents and introduced way too many plot twists at the expense of future seasons. Even some things done storywise last year felt like they were re-hashes of previous years. And it’s hard to imagine them coming up with anything new.

Another reason I don’t think the show will return to its former levels of awesomeness is recent departure of co-creator Joel Surnow. I don’t know too much about what goes on behind the scenes of the show, but when you have one of the people responsible for the show’s early success leaving, that doesn’t seem like it could be a good thing.

Oh well, at least we have memories of Jack’s awesomeness.

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