Everybody Have Fun Tonight, Everybody Ji Yeon Tonight

Hey, that janitor guy on Not Penny’s Boat looks familiar!

During tonight’s episode of Lost, Ji Yeon, I had to re-wind about four or five times just to get caught up with things that either confused me, or I just plain missed the first time. While offering no real answers (but who’s complaining?) tonight’s episode was another solid offering featuring the character development and twists we’ve come to expect from Lost.

The first twist, Michael as Ben’s man on the boat, was a cool reveal, but a bit spoiled, as Harold Perrineau’s name has been in the credits every week this season. However, I almost didn’t recognize him because not once tonight did he scream out “Waaaaaaaalt!”

The other major twist was yet another change in storytelling convention. Not content to offer a simple flashback or flashforward, Lost gave us both in one episode. Sure, one (the slapstick adventures of Jin trying to make it to the hospital on time) was really a red herring, but it kept me guessing until the end. And then the reveal at the end that Jin is dead left me not knowing what to think. The date on Jin’s tombstone was 9/22/2004, the same day that Oceanic 815 crashed. Only thing is, in show-time, it’s late December. So the date on the tombstone is wrong. Could Jin still be alive, but on the island? Ya got me. We didn’t see his death, so it’s quite possible (and there may be nothing buried under that stone, as it’s a family memorial, split between him and Sun).

Some other thoughts about tonight’s episode:

In the opening scene, when Sun went for the phone, the TV show looked familiar. It was the season finale of Expose (you know, the one with special guest star Billy Dee Williams), but dubbed into Korean.

We know for a fact that the island has special healing powers. Maybe it can also help people learn new languages, which would explain Jin’s improving proficiency in English.

It served Sun right that Juliet called her out on the whole affair thing. Sun has done some bad things in the past, and as Jin said, some of them may have been forgiven because of his behavior, but even without that, she’s no angel.

The thing with the flight recorder was spooky. It would make more sense for Ben and his people to fake the plane crash, but the boat people are not the saviors the losties think they are. And I don’t think it’s for purely innocent reasons that Widmore’s crew has the recorder.

You know, if everyone on the boat treated Michael (excuse me, Kevin Johnson) the way the doctor did, I wouldn’t blame Michael for a little sabotage.

I’m guessing Hurley’s appearance in the flashback is chronologically before he winds back up in the mental institution.

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