King Tom of the Airwaves

The King was on television this morning.

Well, it wasn’t the first time I’ve been on TV, but it was pretty neat to have someone come up to me and say “hey, I saw you on TV!”

The story begins yesterday, after the Civee and I got home from work, I was shoveling some remaining snow and slush out from in front of our car. There was a cameraman from the local NBC affiliate (competitor of the station that was stepsibling to the cable news channel I used to work for) shooting tape of the quickly-melting snow on the streets. The Civee and I DVRed that night’s 11:00 news broadcast to see if they included the video. They didn’t.

So I didn’t think about it until this morning. I walked into the building I work in, and a co-worker, who was crossing the lobby shouted out to me “TOM! YOU WERE ON TV!” A few other co-workers mentioned that they saw me too on the morning nes broadcast. And from what I gather, while no one was paying attention to the content of the news broadcast at the time, all they saw was a few seconds of me shoveling snow.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been on TV or have had people comment about it. But I would like to know why.

What was the story about? Were they critiquing (or making fun of) my form? Were they talking about how a nine-year-old girl could shovel faster than me? (I’ve been sick, you know) Or, rather, were they talking about how my pasty complexion mixes in well with the snow?

Geez, this has made me pretty paranoid.

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  1. Hey guy –

    I didn’t read any of your bloggage, but just be aware your sponsorship of the Irabu’s baseball reference page led me here.

    nice choice King Tom


    Matthew Funtime

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