Hail To The Chief(s)

While searching for the latest news in the world of the rock, I was quite surprised to find out that just last week, the Presidents of the United States of America released a new album.

Back in ’95-’96, the Presidents were all over rock airwaves, and rightfully so, with Lump and Peaches, two catchy, witty and poppy rock singles. While the 1996 follow-up, II, had one hit with Mach 5, the Presidents’ career slowed, to the point where they broke up, re-formed and broke up again. Well, they got together again and this month, released These are the Good Times People, a 14-track album of concise, poppy, catchy songs loaded with humor and animal references.

I picked up the album over the weekend and I’m impressed. Three songs that really stand out are Mixed Up S.O.B., Bad Times and So Lo So Hi. These three contain the trademark wittiness and optimism thad make the Presidents’ other hits so darn catchy.

You can listen to the whole album online here. Try it out.

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