[Meet Kevin] Johnson's Got A Gun

Tonight’s episode of Lost, Meet Kevin Johnson, wraps up the first eight-thirteenths of Season Four of Lost. Now we have to wait a month to figure out the answers to such questions as:
-Who lives and who dies?
-Is Ben really good or really evil?
-Who will Kate end up with, Sawyer or Jack?*
*I really don’t care whether this one gets answered or not.

Tonight’s episode was pretty riveting, which in itself is an accomplishment, considering it was centered around Michael, a character that two seasons ago, I was happy to see being written off the show. But you know, time has passed since then. Time makes you bolder, even children get older and I’m getting old now too. Maybe seeing Michael have his shot at redemption has warmed me to him and made him, as a character, interesting again.

With the revelation that certain people can’t die off-island and others can leave the island as they please, this show is setting up to answer some questions, which is a good thing.

It’s cool that there was more to Tom’s story than just being Ben’s lapdog and the guy that was picked last for every on-island game of touch football. Here, it looked like he was serving up heaping bunches of exposition and actually setting events in motion. Although for giving answers about an organization he’s opposed to, he knows a lot about Widmore and how it operates. Is it possible Ben has someone else inside the Widmore organization, maybe someone even higher up than the people on the boat?

And Michael can’t commit suicide. Is it possible that other island inhabitants can’t either? Like, say, if a doctor who spent a few months on the island were to try and jump off a bridge in downtown LA, would he not die? I’m beginning to think so.

But speaking of death, we see the apparent demise of Karl and the crazy French chick. Karl, well, it was good to know you. But I’m hoping Rousseau isn’t dead, because I think there’s more to her story to tell. When Alex and Karl sat down and the arrows started shooting, my first thought was that Rousseau walked them right into one of her traps. But thinking about the connection between Alex and Ben and the fact that Widmore’s people are there for Ben, I’m beginning to think it’s not a trap, but rather a brigade of shady boat people.

Some other thoughts:

-Is it me, or are there no redshirts in Locke’s camp? It looked like everyone present at the meeting was a name character.

-When Tom told Michael that it was impossible for him to die off-island and all but encouraged him to attempt suicide, I expected a Groundhog Day-style montage of Michael’s various suicide attempts.

-One of Ben’s best lines this episode: “Consider yourself one of the good guys.” You know, if this whole protector of the island gig doesn’t work out, he can always try out for a career as a motivational speaker.

-I guess Karl and Alex haven’t graduated into Others adulthood yet, because they were not sneaking around silently there. In fact, I’d say someone got the drop on them.

Your thoughts? (As we wait a month for another round of new episodes)

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