Fire In The Disco, Fire In The Taco Bell

Nothing much exciting happens in downtown Columbus, especially during the work week.

A few years ago, we got buzzed by an Air Force jet, but other than that, there’s rarely anything to make you bug one of your co-workers and say “Hey! What was/Look at that!”

Until today. Sometime early this morning, I looked up from my computer, glanced out the window, and saw a gigantic plume of smoke emitting from a parking garage across the street. I watched for a few seconds, then alerted my co-workers. They all watched for a moment or two. As I watched, I did what anyone would do in this day and age, I whipped out my camera phone and started snapping away.

After a while, I got back to work, even though it looked as if the smoke was headed right for us. Eventually, the smoke died down.

Later on, I read the fire was caused by an SUV in the garage which caught fire, which then spread the flames to two other cars.

Overall, it was a lot of excitement for a Monday morning. Only time will tell if this displaces the low-flying fighter jet as the “hey remember when…” conversation starter in downtown Columbus.

By the way, I must acknowledge the fact that were it not for the pictures, you’d still be seeing the latest entry on the blog be a story about last week’s Monday night Raw. Gee, if it wasn’t for my new phone, which is also a camera, I don’t know what I’d write about.

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