Pork And Beans

Weezer Pork and Beans Single Cover A little more than a week from today, I’m going to do something new. I’m going to purchase an mp3 single from Amazon.

Over the weekend, Amazon posted a page listing the first single from Weezer’s upcoming sixth album for sale beginning April 22.  Considering that news of Weezer being in the studio has been very hush-hush along with not too much known about the album, and that the “Red Album” itself won’t drop until June, the fact that this song will be out in a little more than a week is quite exciting.

Not to mention the 30 second snippet of the song sounds pretty damn good, too.

There’s been small snippets of two other tracks leaked too, but those really aren’t anything to base an opinion off of.  A remixed version of one, “Automatic” is featured in an upcoming video game.  A few seconds of the other “Everybody Get Dangerous,” is used as background music in the movie “21,” but does not appear on the soundtrack (no word on whether the song will also be used in the upcoming live-action Darkwing Duck feature film).

Still, with a new album and touring coming up this summer, there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening on the Weezer front.  Let’s hope that Pork and Beans is enough to hold us over.

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