LA Station Serves Up "Pork and Beans"

So a few days after a preview of the new Weezer single hits the Internet, Los Angeles’ KROQ plays the song for the public.  And it seems like most Weezer fans are happy.

I’ve heard the song (KROQ’s played it a few times already tonight) and as a whole, it’s good.  The song has a lot of different instrumentation (some of which was heard in the amazon preview), and no solo.  Which is quite a surprise, because Rivers can shred and his solos usually serve as a centerpoint to his songs.  But this is different.  And while Rivers name drops some brand names and current famous rappers, it’s for a cause;

The song “was inspired by a record-company meeting where the band was told it needed to record more-commercial material. “I came out of it pretty angry,” Cuomo says. “But ironically, it inspired me to write another song.”
-Rolling Stone

Word around the =w= community is that meeting spurred the recording of two songs for the album, Pork and Beans and another song.  It’s nice to have something radio friendly to appeal to a bigger audience and drive the band’s success.  While I’ll happily listen to PnB, I’m also looking forward to what else is out there.

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