A "Lost" Episode

I’m an idiot.

Last night The Civee started and I started up the ol’ DVR to watch parts 2 & 3 of  ‘There’s No Place Like Home,’ as she wasn’t around Thursday night.  We were watching the episode in glorious HD, when we decided to get some ice cream at the next commercial break. I hit stop, then hit another button and the next thing I knew, the episode was erased.

– – – – .

Our cable provider recently changed the software on our cable box, so some of the buttons I had gotten used to in the past year have changed.  If it was a mistake she had made, I would have been fine with it, but because it was me, I’m a bit pissed at myself.

We finished part 2 on ABC’s Web site, but it wasn’t just the same.

Maybe I should review the instructions the cable company sent along when the system changed.

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