Lost: There's No Place Like The Island

So I spent three hours tonight watching all of Lost’s season four final, There’s No Place Like Home, and other than my mind being blown, I have no idea what happened.

Well, I guess I have some idea.

  • The freighter blew up, seemingly killing Michael and Jin.
  • Ben killed Keamy.
  • Ben moved the island and now can’t go back.
  • Desmond and Penny are reunited (and it feels so good).
  • Locke is the new leader of the others.
  • Locke is the guy in the coffin from last year’s season finale.

That last one (Locke being Jeremy Bentham) totally surprised me. I expected Ben to end up in the coffin.  I guess whatever went down on the island post-move must have been really bad, if Locke gets off the island and somehow ends up in a casket at the Flash Forward funeral home.  Only thing I’m thinking is that somehow, Locke traveled way back in time (when the island disappeared) and the Locke-in-a-box is much older than the living Locke left behind on the island.

We’ve seen what happened to the Others’ former leader after he turned the magical wheel (after undertaking a task similar to scraping the ice off one’s car in the wintertime).  Only thing we didn’t know before is that (according to him), he can’t go back to the island. Since his introduction, Ben has become one of my favorite characters, and I’d like to see him get back.  It just feels like his emotional connection has been and will be to the island. And while he may have displeased Jacob (or whatever he did wrong), he (like Locke) has always acted in the best interest of the island.

As for one of my other favorite characters, it was nice to see Desmond finally get together with Penny.  We don’t know what the smoke monster is. We don’t know where/when the island is. But an emotional story element introduced two years ago has finally paid off–and it was worth it.

Some other thoughts:

-The episode was set up perfectly in the first scene, with Kate’s “I spent the last three years trying to forget all the horrible things that happened the day we left.”  Nice little preview.

-I guess the island didn’t have to be moved because it would be “torched,” but rather because Widmore would just keep sending goons to look for it.

-I wonder if we’re ever going to get an explanation as to what the whispers are, or what’s being said.  But I wouldn’t bet on it.

-Ninja others! Taking out an army of commandos! Why couldn’t they do this earlier?

-Does the island healing powers work on 15-year-old crackers?

-With Jack still blaming Locke for what happened with Naomi, he’s showing he’s still delusional about the boat people. I think he’s an example of the type of leader Ben was warning Locke against becoming.

-About time we got a reference to the magic box this season. And Ben’s face/reaction right after Locke mentioned the magic box was great.

-I was super-psyched to see the DHARMA video…but why did we have to see only the first half of it? I’m still not sure what the Orchid does.

-After the crash of flight 815, and then the rough water landing of the chopper, I wouldn’t blame any of the Oceanic 6 for never wanting to fly again.

-Even though the Des & Penny kiss was one of the great emotional moments of the show, I found Des introducing everyone to Penny kind of funny.

-The Pixies were a nice choice for Jack’s Jeep music.

-I guess Locke didn’t turn out to be a very good leader.

So that’s it until January. We don’t know where the island is. Three of the Four boat people are left behind (and Lapidus, he may never return). The O6 want to find the island (except maybe for Sun). Locke is dead and who knows if Ben can go back.

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