The Gateway Drug

The computer on which I write entries for the Kingdom and do most of my Web surfing is a six-year-old Gateway model running Windows XP.  Only in the past year has it started to like it’s slowing down, and sometime in the next year or so, The Civee and I would like to get a new computer.

As hinted at yesterday, I have tremendous product loyalty.  I’m not stupid, I just follow the brands that are good to me.  Since the early 90s, I’ve had two Gateways of my own, as well as the use of my parents and siblings computers, all Gateways.  And I’ve never had a problem with the machines. 

One of the most enjoyable aspects of getting my current computer was customizing what I wanted in the box, and anxiously awaiting its delivery.

Every now and then, with the prospect of a new computer on the horizon, I’ll go to Gateway’s Web site and play around with the options.   But when I went to the site today, something was different- you couldn’t play around.  Gateway has changed to an indirect sales company. Last year, Gateway was acquired by another computer manufacturer, and I guess this is the first sign of a major change under the new ownership.

The company’s computers are still offered through other outlets (like Costco the Great), but without being able to customize, it’s just not the same.  With the change in ownership, this isn’t really surprising, but rather, disappointing.

Now, I’m actually considering changing brands when it is time to go computer shopping. Does anyone out there have any computer brands they reccomend? 

Two caveats:

I don’t trust HP desktops, mostly because I’ve always found Compaqs useless.

And I’m not sure I trust Dell either, ever since Rivers Cuomo started keeping score:

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