That's No Pill, It's a Space Station

Last week, when I was sick, I was trying just about anything I could (short of going to the doctor) to get better. Last year sometime, King Classic told me whenever he was sick, he loaded up on the vitamin C.  Since not much else was working, I decided to take his advice.

We were all out of vitamin C tablets at home, so when the Civee and I went to Whole Foods to get some dinner, I went searching.  There were a few bottles that sold for around $20, which claimed their tablets packed between 100% and 200% of the daily reccomended amount of the vitamin.  Not bad, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to pay $20 for a bunch of vitamins.  On the bottom shelf I spotted a larger-than-the-rest bottle selling for only $7 from 365 (the Whole Foods house brand).  I turned it over to check the dose and was blown away…each tablet packed in a whopping 833% of the reccomended daily value of vitamin C.

After wondering whether that was legal, or even safe, I decided to go for it. As surprising as the 833% was, I was in for an even bigger surprise when I got home.  I opened up the bottle, took out the layers of cotton packed therein, got a nice whiff of something resembling orange, and dropped one of the pills into my hand, and found out these pills are supersized.  The pills are absolutely huge (As you can see by the image, one pill is the size of a stack of six dimes).  It’s a good thing the label says ‘chewable’ because I would not have known what to do with these pills otherwise.  And I have to admit, the taste isn’t that bad.  

Anyway, I am feeling better this week–part of which I’m attributing to the ginormous vitamin C pills.  Will I keep taking them? Probably.  The bottle has 100 pills, so for the next three months, I can feel secure in the fact that I’m in no danger whatsoever of getting scurvy.

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