Nothing Says Christmas Like A Bear Holding A Rifle

For those of you looking for the perfect ornament for your Christmas Tree/Festivus Pole, may I suggest “Sniper Bear”: 

Sniper Bear is the perfect Christmas Tree ornament.

Or if that’s not your speed, may I suggest this lovely Christmas-themed mug featuring our nation’s 42nd President:

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4 thoughts on “Nothing Says Christmas Like A Bear Holding A Rifle

  1. It almost looks more like a broken-off than a sawed off. And I would think the Terminator 2000 would take a more imposing form than a bear.

    And Levy, I’m glad that a simple little thing like Sniper Bear can unite people of different faiths.

    Peace on Earth, yada yada yada.

  2. I dunno…the Terminator taking the form of a bear might be smart b/c no one will suspect a bear. It could end up like “Small Soldiers” where this one bear calls in for help and pretty soon we’re overrun by ornament bears with weapons and we become slaves to their evil ways.

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