I'd Like To Do A Jack Bauer On My Cable Box

For some reason, my cable box decided to go out in the middle of tonight’s 24.  I missed (what I’m guessing was) minutes 5-25 of tonight’s show.  While I’m not entirely happy with this, all I have to say is if this happens Wednesday night, there will be hell to pay.

That being said, from what I was able to watch:

Not enough Jack tonight.

Too much FBI.  I don’t care about them.  Their holier-than-thou attitude makes them very unsympathetic.  And Special Agent Jeanene Garafolo still hasn’t grown on me.  Also, please tell me which alternate universe 24 exists in where the federal government can respond to alleged civil rights violations in five seconds flat while not making any headway into solving the identities of those behind the terror plot.

Speaking of the FBI, Special Agent Jeanene’s associate (good ol’ whatshisname) is really irritating, even moreso than her.  I’m guessing he’s the mole.  Because of the hair grease.  Why the hair grease?  Well, the main terrorist (the guy who Jack’s boss reported to) also used a bit too much hair grease this morning.  So did one of the evil secret service agents.  Remember back in season 1 how all the good guys used Macs and the bad guys used PCs?  Well, I’m calling it now.  Bad guys, hair grease.  Good guys, natural and fluffy.

I was also disappointed in the paucity of Bill and Chlöe (aka Shadow CTU).  Were they doing anything at all this hour?  Was it their lunch break?

Speaking of CTU, I know the creators really wanted to switch things up this year, but killing CTU was a bad decision.  It was a great set and added a lot to the story.  Now, we are to believe the FBI can save the day when it looks like all their agents are filing their TPS reports and getting ready for their 3:30 meeting the corporate.

One more thing. The ending would have been far more shocking had Lost not already done the same thing.  That reminds me. Only two more days.

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