The Force (in Magazine Form) Is No Longer With Me

If such an entry had existed in my high school yearbook, it’s likely I would have been voted Most Likely to Dress In Costume While Attending a Star Wars Convention.  

Well, it probably wouldn’t surprise my friends from way back when that I did attend a Star Wars Convention, but they’d probably be bummed that I did not wear a costume.  

Back in aught-five, my friends Ryan, Brian and Jen (Brian’s Civil War-reenacting wife) made a trek out to Indianapolis for the Star Wars Celebration, the official SW convention, which just so happened to be scheduled for a month before the release of Revenge of the Sith.  

Back then, to get a good deal on tickets, I signed up for the Star Wars fan club, which included a subscription to the Star Wars Insider magazine.  Not only did we get discounted tickets, but a supposed special access pass, which we didn’t really need. When we got to the convention center, we picked the shortest line, which ended up being a presentation by George Lucas, a nice way to start off a whole day of geekdom.

Even though the convention was a few years ago, I never got around to cancelling my fan club membership.  I kept getting the magazine, and while I’d flip through it, it never really held my interest.  With the last movie coming out three years ago, how much new Star Wars news is there going to be?

The other day, I got a card in the mail saying my membership would be automatically renewed.  Because it’s time that I started paying attention to things I receive in the mail, I gave them a call and cancelled my subscription, and with it, my membership in the Star Wars fan club.  

Even though I’ll still be a fan of the saga, it is somewhat liberating.  While I’ll watch the Clone Wars TV show, I don’t pay too much attention to the Expanded Universe, which is where all the new action is anyway (unless George wants to do a special Sepcial Edition).  I suppose if I want to follow the universe from here on out, I can do it online, where it’s free.

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3 thoughts on “The Force (in Magazine Form) Is No Longer With Me

  1. This is something Jen and I will have to talk about this week on the radio show. I understand your liberation. Being life-long Star Wars fans as we are, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one that is suffering from what can only otherwise we termed as “Star Wars burn out”

    Then again, it’s probably us just being bitter old men because Star Wars is no longer something we can keep up with…and the kids next door will probably laugh when we say, “yeah, well I saw Jedi in the theatre!”

  2. I’ve never been a Star Wars fan but the trouble I see with it is over exposure. I like to compare it to full nudity v. lingerie. Full nudity = no mystery and BORING! That’s Star Wars. Full nudity.

  3. I wouldn’t say it’s a case of burn-out. More just me selectively picking which parts of the universe I wish to follow. Which, aside from the movies and anything readily accessible (like TV shows), will probably be nothing. And yeah, it’s nice to not have to keep up with everything…because there’s a lot of Star Wars stuff out there.

    When is the radio show.

    And Re-enactor, that’s an …interesting…take on things.

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