If That's Jughead, Is Locke Mr. Weatherbee?

So this is Season Five of Lost–minor action off-island with major exposition on the island, with the audience left to figure out what time it is.

I like it.

Jughead was like a history lesson about the Lost island.  However, this lesson just tells us what happened, leaving out all the names and dates.  The when becomes pretty easy to figure out.  But the who, that’s for us to determine.  The why, I’m sure will be answered later.  But if the who turns out to be who we think they are, then my mind is blown.

First off- bombshell number one- Widmore was an Other.  Now that we know that, I’m trying to think of all sorts of scenarios about how he got to be who he is today (relatively speaking).  My guess?  We’ve seen his personality as a youngster and in older form, and I’m guessing he’s the impetuous type who got passed over for leadership of the Others.  That’s the reason for his vendetta against Ben.  I’m also guessing he’s the last one to have turned the famous frozen donkey wheel, which is why he’s banished from the island.

Bombshell number two- Faraday wasn’t a nice guy.  So he graduated up from time travel experiments on rats to time travel experiments on people.  He’d been working with Widmore all this time.  He knew the results of his experiments and when he saw Oceanic 815 had been found, he knew it was time to pay the piper, which is probably why we saw him crying like a little girl in his first appearance last season.

Bombshell number three (implied) – Mrs. [Eloise] Hawking is Faraday’s mom.  And was also the Ellie who introduced Faraday to Jughead.  The question becomes- is she working with Widmore, or against him?  How does she know that Desmond has to go to the island in the future?  Why does my head hurt so much from thinking about all of this?

I’m going to move from this deep stuff to some lighter topics.  Here we go:

-Damn school closings.  Taking up 1/5 of the screen when it’s Lost time!

-Was it me, or did the doctor that Desmond fetched not wash up?

-They’re doing a good job of killing off all the redshirts.  Rose and Bernard are still unaccounted for.

-Great, the Others are a bunch of pre-Vatican II altar boys and girls.

-The Locke walking right into the Others’ camp scene reminded me of a similar scene from Season 3.  

-The Widmore reveal scene was great.  I bet Locke now wishes he had pulled the trigger (although the island probably would have prevented him from doing so).

-So what did the Others do with Jughead?

-I kinda dig the way Brits pronounce Los Angeles.

-Des and Penny’s kid is named Charlie.  Is the kid named after Pace or Widmore?

-Did Desmond use some Ben-esque reverse psychology on Penny?

-I don’t think we’re ever going to find out how old Richard is.

-I’m glad Sawyer was along for the ride this episode.  He’s like the voice of the audience, acting like those of us who have no clue as to the big picture and doing what he can just to survive.  However, this season has been somewhat light on the nicknames.  

-They still haven’t given me any reason to care about Charlotte.

What did you think?

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