Lost Geeks Are Everywhere

Al Trautwig: Lost fanBack in the day when Yankees games were telecast over the MSG network, my favorite broadcaster who covered the Yankees was Al Trautwig.  Al didn’t specialize in baseball, but covered every sport–he’s done hockey, he’s done the Olympics, he even covered the Jamaican Bobsledding Team.  

Al is a damn good broadcaster.  When he did the Yankees games, he’d appear throughout the game and on the MSG pre and post game shows.  Then the Yankees went to YES, and other than the Olympics (and the fact that I moved out of MSG’s viewing area), I haven’t had much of a chance to listen to Al–until now.

It turns out Al is a Lost geek.  Al has started what looks to be a weekly video blog on the MSG Network Web site where he talks about Lost.  And boy, does he talk–he goes on for seven minutes.  I can’t say I agree with all of his analysis, but it’s solid.  He makes a lot of good points, and isn’t ashamed to hide his fanaticism.  He even plugs Lostpedia, which makes me wonder if he’s an active member of the online Lost community.  If you’re out there Al, you’re always welcome at the Kingdom.

If you’re a fan of Lost, give Al’s podcast a view–hopefully, it’ll show you that we’re everywhere.

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