The First Husband Hulks Up

I’ve noticed a regular occurence throughout my years of watching of 24–one hour is a bit slow, setting things up.  I think the hour is a disappointment, even if it’s full of exposition and witty one-liners (“I’m a stay at home mom”). Then all of a sudden, after the episode, as I watch the previews, my mind is blown and I think the next week can redeem the show I just watched.

This week was one of those weeks.

To be honest, this hour had its moments.  Chlöe and Bill rescuing the redhead.  Jack and Tony taking down both groups of bad guys.  The reveal of Henderson (RoboCop) being behind Tony’s reseurrection. And the first husband hulking up out of his drug-induced paralysis to take down the evil secret service agent (or, more accurately, take him over the railing and onto the table below, using the evil agent’s body to break his fall).  Actually, with all due respect to Jack, that was the moment of this episode- making the first husband’s storyline worthwhile.

The rest of the hour seemed like it was sitting around and talking.  The FBI is still boring and full of unsympathetic characters (the one FBI agent with any likability whatsoever is out in the field with Jack).  The White House drama is okay, but to be honest, we’ve heard it all in some form of another over the past six years.  And if the cabinet invokes the Twenty-Fifth Amendment for a third time on this show, I’m going to walk away.  

Overall, this season is average, but I’m waiting for it to go somewhere.  Am I alone?

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