I Saw The Sign and it Opened Up My Mind

We’ve had a hellacious winter here in central Ohio.

It seems like there was no fall–back in October, the weather felt like it went from summer to freezing temperatures instantaneously.  And in the last few weeks, while it hasn’t piled up, it has felt like it’s snowed every day.

Well, yesterday, we were told, we’d get this huge storm- and for once, the weather people were right.  Had a few inches Tuesday morning, then a brief respite during the day.  But right around 5:00, it started snowing again, which turned to sleet, to freezing rain, and back to huge chunks of white death falling from the sky, which is where we are now.

When The Civee and I first woke up this morning, we figured we’d clean off our car and see how things were. Well, there was a slight problem- our front door wouldn’t open.  The door was frozen shut at the bottom.  After leaving through the other door, we started clearing the ice off our car, which went well until our scraper broke.  After that, we figured someone was trying to tell us something and here we are, looking out the window, watching these huge snowflakes keep falling.

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