Yet Another Long Day For Jack Bauer

So I caught the first two hours of Day 7 of 24 last night, and while I’m not doing cartwheels in the hope that it will be a great season, I’m hopeful because it seems better than last season.  So far.

Day 6 opened strong, with Jack killing Curtis and a nuclear bomb going off in suburban L.A.  That wasn’t the only bomb for the season–the day quickly went downhill, featuring Jack teaming up with Rain Main to hunt the terrorists, going up against his father and being a witness to the killing of Charles Logan, one of the best characters on the show.

This season so far is more grounded, but it has some problems:

  • CTU is no more.
  • The First Husband is a psycho.
  • Once again, there are moles all over the place.
  • Tony Almeida is not only alive, but (seemingly) evil.

I can do with the first.  But I’m getting tired of moles in every government classification from vice president on the way down to postal carrier.  I’m sick of crazy relatives of powerful political figures. And like Jack, I don’t want to believe Tony is bad.
Still, it’s nice to see Jack in action and sticking it to a Congressional committee.  Only time will tell if this season can save the show.

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3 thoughts on “Yet Another Long Day For Jack Bauer

  1. I’m with ya. There’s a lot of that feels like we’ve been there, done that. I’m hoping for some more disaster as this season moves on, just because it’s fun to watch.

    I’m not a fan of the whole Africa plot and trouble, which is not helping me stay interested, so it’s going to take a lot of shooting, explosions, and satchel to keep this season a weekly must-see.

  2. There seems to be a lot of holes, too. Like, is it really that hard of a decision for the President to make? Saving American lives would be the only option, in my opinion. If that means pulling the Naval Attack Force back, then finding the device, then sending the troops back in, then so be it. No other choices out there.

    I shouldn’t say any more, though, since you haven’t watched the second 2 hours yet.

  3. MT- it’s getting hard for them to come up with new creative storylines. And it’s showing. That’s why I’m hoping Keifer’s 10-year contract is up soon.

    And Dave- as far as plotholes, I’ve given up long ago (hey, Jack died twice!). But your idea is what I was thinking the president should do. Pull the force back, then lob in some cruise missiles when the device is found.

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