This Is A Song About A Superhero Named Tony

About twenty years ago, Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Hulk Hogan teamed up to form the Mega Powers, a union that gave fans what they wanted- the ultimate good guy wrestling tag team. The Mega Powers decimated everyone in their way, before imploding and turning on each other.

Last night on the third and fourth hours of the seventh longest day of Jack Bauer’s life, we found out Tony Almeida (who cheated death) wasn’t evil, but “undercover.”  Jack busted Tony out of FBI custody, learned Tony was working with Chlöe and Bill Buchanan and teamed up, forming with Tony the 24-universe equivalend of the Mega Powers.

Combine that with the return of Jack Bauer’s man purse (or the Jack Sack, if you will) and you have the beginnings of what could be a turnaround for the fortunes of 24.

I’m not saying all is forgiven.  There’s a lot not to like this season.  To wit:

  • Jeaneane Garafolo serving no purpose on the show other than to rip off Chlöe.
  • That FBI guy who says “we’re not CTU, we’re the FBI and we follow the law” every other scene.
  • The neurotic First Husband.
  • The fact that everyone in the government, including the Attorney General and commandant of the Merchant Marines are moles.
  • This nebulous link between the Sangala warlords and the evil terrorist organization determined to rule the world that’s causing so much havoc this season.

All that said, while this season has opened much slower than last season, it has a better foundation.  And the Mega Powers’ escape from the FBI was pretty cool.

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2 thoughts on “This Is A Song About A Superhero Named Tony

  1. Maybe the two Chloes can combine like Voltron to form the biggest Fart Face ever!

    And which of the 24 Mega Powers will thus lust after Miss Elizabeth?

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