Jack Bauer Will Break Your Heart

First, just a little something I want to get out of the way. From January 19 of this year:

Speaking of the FBI, Special Agent Jeanene’s associate (good ol’ whatshisname) is really irritating, even moreso than her. I’m guessing he’s the mole. Because of the hair grease. Why the hair grease? Well, the main terrorist (the guy who Jack’s boss reported to) also used a bit too much hair grease this morning. So did one of the evil secret service agents. Remember back in season 1 how all the good guys used Macs and the bad guys used PCs? Well, I’m calling it now. Bad guys, hair grease. Good guys, natural and fluffy.

I’m glad that I actually called a mole right one of these seasons. Even though “good ol’ whatshisname” since been re-named on this blog as Special Agent Brylcreem, my disdain for him and his whiny ways have not changed. I suppose that serves notice to Special Agent The Bowler as well, because she remains just as annoying. Still, this whole episode just reinforced one fact:

Up until the last minute reveal of the evilness of Special Agent Brylcreem, I was preparing to comment on the only real action this episode taking place in the emotional struggle between Martika and her pesky sister, who just so happened to be right about her sister’s strangely-accented boyfriend.

To be honest, I didn’t expect the sister to survive the hour, because I thought Ike was going to get to her first. Rather, Jack and Special Agent Renee showed up first and Jack broke Martika’s heart by revealing the truth. Now it’s looking like Martika won’t be the one surviving the next hour.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of this hour was the return (even if it was somewhat spoiled during the credits) of Aaron Pierce, Secret Service Agent to the Stars. While it’s nice to see Aaron back, this revelation was somewhat blunted by the revelation that the President has a daughter. Whenever there’s a reveal of a family member for the President (or member of CTU for that matter), that person will follow anyone of these pre-determined courses:

  • Death
  • Be used as a pawn by the villains
  • Be a villain themselves
  • Become a hostage of the villains
  • Become a hostage of a cougar

And none of those end well.

But it is nice to have Aaron back. And Morris too. Which brings me to the question- did the CTU gang just pile into a car and decide to all move to DC together? I don’t know if I wasn’t paying attention the previous seasons (and I nearly zoned out during the last one, so it is possible), but I thought 24 was always set in L.A. And now that we’ve seen how the intelligence community in DC operates in the 24-verse, I think I understand why- everyone in the DC area is whiny and ineffective (I’m looking right at you Special Agent Larry Fine).

Speaking of the denizens of the DC FBI office, the exchange between Special Agent Brylcreem and Special Agent The Bowler (a.k.a. Jeanene Garafolo) over the IP-hacking-flux capicator-whatever device left me with one small thought (and I have a feeling I’m not the only one who thinks this way):

You’re both little bitches.

What did you think?

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7 thoughts on “Jack Bauer Will Break Your Heart

  1. I thought it was all kinds of fantastic that the President’s daughter works for a consulting firm called MartlingNorris. Also nice to see Sprague Grayden…I figured all the Jericho actors were still sitting around waiting to see if someone (anyone! please!) would pick them up for a third season.

  2. MT- With all that grease in his hair, I think he uses both.

    Dave- Jeez…have you ever seen Season Two? (And thanks for the visual!)

  3. […] The first, between President Taylor and her daughter, proved why it’s not a good idea to have a family member serve as chief of staff to the President of the United States.  Not only do you need someone who’s capable of looking at the situation from a non-emotional standpoint, but also, especially in the 24-verse, family members can only serve to mess things up royally. […]

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