Welcome Back

Welcome back, Oceanic Six…Welcome back.

For all the hubbub about this season of Lost featuring the cast split between the Island and the mainland, everyone got back on the same piece of land pretty quickly, huh?

I thought they were going to drag out the O6’s off-island storyline all season, but I’m glad they didn’t.  On tonight’s episode, 316, we’ve seen at least three of them (with possibly two more, plus Ben, Frank, the body of John Locke, Marshall Girl and the random first class dude of indeterminate origin) making it back to the island, in what appears to be the mid-seventies.  Meanwhile, Aaron’s back on the mainland taking acting lessons.  

I thought the middle part of the episode (from Jack in the bar until he goes to pick up Locke) was pretty average.  That being said, the first part and last parts of 316 were great.  From the story behind Christian’s white sneakers to Locke’s suicide note, to the O6 mirroring the original Flight 815 passengers, the episode was filled with little nuggets of Lost awesomeness.  Even more surprising was that 90% of the episode took place off the island.

And of course, it wouldn’t be an episode of Lost if we weren’t left with more questions than answers.

To me, the star of the show tonight was Ben.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it was because even though he wasn’t in control of the church scenes, he was still pulling everyone’s strings.  Or it could have been the scene to the left, where the man who said (something along the lines of) “God can’t find this island” is seen praying (and giving some cryptic advice/exposition to Jack).  Or maybe it was because the implied “favor to an old friend” left us all thinking he killed Penny (which, for his and Desmond’s sake, I’m hoping didn’t happen, but that’s what it’s looking like).  Or it could possibly be that after his fall from grace last season, he actually might make it back to the island and earn his redemption (is there any doubt I’m drinking the Ben Kool-Aid?).  Even with all that, one of my favorite moments this episode was this exchange between Jack and Ben:


Jack: How can you read?

Ben: My mother taught me.

(Nevermind the fact that he’s lying).

Pretty much all of tonight’s episode was seen through Jack’s eyes.  And while in the past, I’ve been bored by him, but tonight, he was interesting.  When we’ve seen him before, he’s been sure of himself and not willing to acknowledge the path he’s on.  But tonight, as in a few times past, we’ve seen him unsure of himself and putting himself at the mercy of others.  Maybe it’s because he’s being humbled, but he’s a much more interesting character this way.

Some other thoughts from tonight:

-So the Army found the island first?  And DHARMA exploited it?  And it was found because someone believed it existed?

-If Widmore knew about the Lamppost and what Mrs. Hawking was doing, why didn’t he take it over a long time ago?

-Desmond was scaring me during his confrontation with Mrs. Hawking, the way he was walking back and forth, almost daring the pendulum to hit him.

-So someone important built the pendulum?  Jacob?

-I bet Jill the Butcher is glad the city health inspector didn’t show up for a surprise inspection when she was watching Locke.

-We know why Jack, Sun, Kate and Ben were on the plane?  But who/what told Hurley and how did Sayid come to be in that predicament?  My guess? Charlie had a conversation with Hurley.  And Ben possibly tipped off Interpol as to the whereabouts of Sayid.  

-If Hurley bought 68 seats on the plane, why did the back section look full?

-It was nice seeing Frank again (and no Frank, you weren’t going to Guam).  Even if I didn’t recognize him without the facial hair.

What did you think?

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. I’m not a Lost watcher, but I caught the last 10 minutes waiting for Life on Mars to start and so didn’t realize that Jeff Fahey was on the show.

    Now I’m not sure if he’s a regular character or just a once-and-a-while person, but he gives me reason to at least attempt to watch the show.

  2. Fahey’s not a regular- I’d call him semi-recurring and he started last season. But he is one of the more interesting characters.

    And he’s a Yankees fan, so that means he’s a positive addition in my book.

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