Relationship Issues

Tonight on 24, we learned the main bad guy is having issues with his girlfriend, who thinks he’s an importer/exporter who is extremely devoted to his work.  

The FBI agent who’s [most likely in the end] a good guy and smitten with his female co-worker is frustrated by the fact that each minute she’s getting more and more like Jack Bauer and less like the bright-eyed by-the-book FBI agent he fell in love with all those years ago.

In the White House, the president is showing some backbone by refusing to negotiate with the terrorists who have kidnapped the first husband.  Meanwhile, upstairs in President Heaven, President David Palmer is looking down on all this and thinking to himself…


I was actually encouraged and glad to see President Taylor take the hardline stance when it came to her husband.  Sure, she’s having domestic issues, but that shouldn’t stop her from kicking some dictator tail halfway around the world.  Although, if I were her, I would have told Ike that should he harm one hair on her husband’s head (not that there’s many left), then I’d send in Delta Force to put a bullet inbetween Juma’s eyes before he could hang up the phone.  But that’s just me.

Speaking of ruthless efficiency, despite the glowering of FBI Special Agent Larry Fine, Jack managed to set a plan and carry it out.  It started in the Oval Office when Jack told the President when questioned of his loyalties “With all due respect Madame President, ask around.”  Last month, during all the inauguration hoopla, much was made of the tradition of the outgoing President leaving the incoming President a note.  Is it so wrong to think that most Presidents would tell their successor to trust Jack Bauer?  Well, maybe there’s one who wouldn’t.  But despite his reputation for roughness, you’d think people in high places would know of Jack’s dedication to his country.  

Regardless, there are still some who think Jack’s ways are wrong, and they are painted on the show as wimps.  And I don’t blame them.  With the actions that Jack has taken, he’s the only one to get results (or now that Renee is on board, those who follow the Bauer way).  It’s kind of easy to see why Special Agent Larry Fine feels like he’s being emasculated.

Apparently, Special Agent Larry Fine doesn’t know that if you’re trying to keep a phone call below the radar, you’re not supposed to say the name of someone everyone else thinks is dead every five seconds.

Speaking of the FBI, another week has gone by, and they’ve done nothing to redeem any of the other players at the Bureau.  Special Agent The Bowler is still sticking her nose in other people’s business and managing to keep precious screen time away from Chlöe (who was conspicious in her absence this week).  And Special Ageny Brylcreem is still a creep and acting like the federal government revolves around him.  Damn those people are annoying.

I’m sure now that they’ve secured the first husband, the action next week will revolve around finding Ike as he tries to take out his girlfriend’s sister.  After the action this week, I’m expecting a slow hour next week.  But this week’s action was worth it.  While we had the twin action scenes of Renee threatening the evil Secret Service agent’s family with Jack taking out said agent, my favorite moment tonight came from right before all that.  I call it the look.  It’s the look that bad guys get when they know Jack Bauer is about to bring down the hammer of justice.  On that note, I’ll leave you with the look:

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  1. If your comment about “The Bowler” is a Mystery Men reference, I can totally see the FBI on 24 being portrayed as the Mystery Men, a group of powerless losers. I’d only hope the producers have more respect for the real FBI than that.

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