A: A Bulldozer, A Screwdriver and A Two-By-Four

Q: What are three things not to leave laying around when Jack Bauer’s coming after you?

So Jack Bauer escaped from the hospital and is fighting for his life at a construction site, Secret Agent Larry Fine is having a helicopter escort him all around DC, the folks in the White House are going through damage control with the media and what is Tony Almeida doing?

Enjoying himself a nice mocha latte.

Heck of a season it’s shaking up to be for 24.

Actually, in spite of a few annoying plot devices, I rather enjoyed tonight’s episode. Most of that enjoyment came from the last five minutes where Jack started out seemingly trapped at a construction site, before turning the tables on the bad guy (who’s also a villain with an English accent on General Hospital) through the titular elements of this blog post.  

If anything, once the bad guy entered the trailer, I thought Jack would spring at him with the letter opener from behind the door.  Nevermind the fact that Jack turned from prey into hunter by luring the suddenly accent-less GH villain into his trap before dispatching him with some common construction tools and a pretty mean Hacksaw Jim Duggan impression.

I have to admit at the end of the fight scene, I was a bit puzzled by why Jack removed the screwdriver from the now-dead bad guy’s chest.  But luckily, all was revealed, as he used the instrument to start a pickup truck that was parked outside the no longer upright construction trailer.  

I do have to admit some disappointment here, as I thought we’d get to see Jack hotwire his second vehicle of the night (and third of the season).  

For some reason, no matter how many times I watch Jack hotwire a car, I can never figure out exactly how he does it. 

Of course, maybe we’re not supposed to.  And instead of hotwiring a car, maybe the next time I can’t find my car keys, I should just use a flat-head screwdriver instead.

Besides the fight scene, Jack’s resourcefulness saved the day (or at least his life) in other ways this episode. Somehow, he was able to use that random laptop he found in the first car he appropriated to tap into the hospital security system.  Additionally, Jack visited Senator That 70’s Show at home and convinced the naive Senator that he wasn’t the devil incarnate, but rather someone trying to protect his country.  

Of course, just as Jack proved his case, the Senator was loosed from this mortal coil and could not use whatever powers he had for good, rather than mucking up things.  Not entirely surprising, but it keeps things entertaining.

So Senator That 70s Show is no longer with us.  Unfortunately, Secret Agents Larry Fine and The Bowler still are.  Despite his incompetence at everything, Larry somehow has a helicopter and squad of FBI agents at his disposal, leading me to think that in the 24 universe, those who have the least natural ability are given the most resources to compensate.  On the other hand, Special Agent The Bowler knows that she’s not in Chlöe’s league and even admitted it.  The thing I didn’t appreciate was Larry and Jeanene teaming up to get poor Morris to turn on Jack.  But I think Morris is hitting the sauce again, because no one in their right mind would do something that would help people (FBI or not) track down Jack Bauer.  

A word to the wise Morris: better lose that out-of-control facial hair, get a funny toupee, pack up Chlöe and the kid and move to Japan, because Jack will find you and it won’t be pretty.

One other thing I’d like to see happen- I think they need to get some type of spiritualist or the Ghostbusters to the White House ASAP, because the ghost of Sherry Palmer is possessing people and it’s getting pretty scary.

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I’ll leave you with one last image.  Here’s Jack swinging for the fences.  Pity a bad guy got in the way.

What did you think?

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4 thoughts on “A: A Bulldozer, A Screwdriver and A Two-By-Four

  1. It was good to see Jack finally do some hand-to-hand combat. Forget the guns and bombs, just give the man a 1/4″ flat head.

    And honestly, there was nothing cooler than Jack starting the truck with the same screwdriver he just killed the man with, blood and all. Pure awesome.

    The fight scene itself was kind of weak IMHO, but a great pay off.

    I think Jack should keep the screwdriver with him at all times and have it be the only weapon he kills with.

  2. Great idea about the screwdriver. Anyone can carry around a gun. But a guy who carries a screwdriver? That’s scary.

    I’m kind of disappointed with myself because I didn’t have this thought until today- but that last scene was the best use of items you’d buy in a Home Depot since Season Two’s “I’m gonna need a hacksaw.”

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