Everything's Really Wrapped Up Nicely – Much Quicker Than Usual

[My Name Is] Jonas Hodges is dead.

Tony is in custody.

The weaponized Mad Cow disease is no longer in the hands of terrorists.

Looks like Day Seven is done for Jack Bauer.

Wait? What’s that?

Kim’s trapped in the airport with a cougar bewigged terrorist poor hygeine habits?

<jack> Dammit! </jack>

I’m sure I’m not the only one who didn’t think 24 would wrap up the main terrorist plot tonight (Day 7, 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.), with two hours left to go in the day. So naturally, they found a way to string out the day involving every 24 fan’s favorite plot device – Kim’s in trouble and needs Jack to save her.

Until then, I thought it was a really good episode.

The capture of Tony and Jack’s communication with Jibran was nicely played out.  Also good to see was Jibran turning from patsy to quasi-hero.

Since he was introduced two hours ago, I was certain Jibran was dead meat.  He fit all the characteristics.  Only thing is, would he try a heroic act before falling victim to the villains’ plans?

Not only did he try one heroic act (trying to alert the clueless transit officers to the fact that something strange was afoot), but he tried two. Instead of just exiting the subway with the knowledge that a chemical device was on board, he chose to help Jack and take the device to safety.

I was initially disappointed that Jack didn’t tell him to just throw the device in a refrigerator, a disappointment that worsened as Jibran ran up a down escalator and (seemingly) right into the path of an overanxious subway cop.  However, Jibran surprised us all by showing some cleverness and claiming he had a bomb, allowing him to do whatever he wanted.

He then ran the bomb out to Jack, who (in the nick of time) threw the bomb in something that could pass for a refrigerator.  So all my disappointment was for naught.

Jack then got the chance to have some words (and show off some fisticuffs) with Tony.  Sadly, Tony wasn’t willing to share any information, or reasons behind his second heel turn this season.  Hopefully, as Jack (seemingly) goes rogue next week, we’ll learn more.

Just as Jack laid a physical beatdown on Tony, we got to see a rhetorical beatdown inside the FBI offices as Chlöe put Special Agent The Bowler in her place.  Yes, Janis did prove to be useful in decoding Tony’s Game Boy.  But her later pleading for an apology or gratitude made me realize how apt Special Agent Brylcreem’s words earlier this season were.

I think in the next two hours, these two are going to work together to help Jack, who’s being pressured into helping Tony escape.  We’ve seen this before- Jack on some type of earpiece or other communication device where the villain can hear his every move.  But that doesn’t explain why upon entering the FBI transfer vehicle Jack didn’t start blinking wildly, or at least write something down, because last time I checked, you can’t hear blinks.

But alas, Jack’s one weakness is Kim, who’s stranded in the airport with the creepiest terrorist couple ever.  Well, at least one half is creepy.  Aside from being talkative, the woman wasn’t bad.  The guy, on the other hand, has on (what looks like) a real bad wig and a cheezy sportcoat with elbow patches.  But the worst part is his hygeine.  He follows the FBI agent who was trailing Kim into the bathroom.  He washes his hands before doing the following:

After doing all that, he just leaves the bathroom.  I don’t know about you, but after killing some random guy and then touching all those surfaces, I wouldn’t go touching my face, let alone buy some coffee without washing my hands.  So Bewigged Terrorist isn’t just evil, but he’s unclean too.  That’s got to be even worse.

Hopefully, next week, Jack will bring Bewigged Terrorist and the rest to justice while finding the giant syringe that says “Antidote” on the side.  I thought it was funny that Renee told him tonight that he can finally rest.  The last time Jack Bauer had some time to rest, he was Shanghaied by Chinese intelligence.

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