Beef Jerky Business Cards: Why American Inventors Rule

The airplane.  Baseball. The Internet.

These are just a few things among the many that the genius of American Inventors has given to the world.  And the hits just keep on coming. For example, MeatCards, business cards made out of beef jerky.  The people behind MeatCards use laser beams to etch information into a slab of beef jerky, turning it from a delicious piece of food into a delicious piece of food containing potentially useful (or non-useful, depending on what you do) business information.

Of course, the safety of eating laser-etched beef jerky may be debatable, as Jason Kincaid at TechCrunch found out:

I haven’t receieved my MeatCards yet, and thus have been unable to taste the goods for myself. But I have been assured that they should in theory be edible, albeit with a strange laser-burnt aftertaste. That said, the guys behind MeatCards seem to be interested in finding a way to mark the cards with “Do Not Eat” to make it clear that they don’t want you to eat them – it just opens them up to too many possible legal problems and regulations. But they can’t stop you from doing it.

It’s probably not just concerns over eating super-heated beef jerky.  Would you really want to eat a piece of jerky handed to you by someone who’s been carrying it around in his or her back pocket all day?

Regardless, I still think it’s a great idea.

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