The End is Near!

So today while walking home, I was quite alarmed upon seeing the following:

My first reaction was thinking we were on the precipice of the armageddon.  But after coming to my senses, I realized they’re trying to move some digital TV boxes to the remaining 2 percent of the American populace who aren’t ready for the transition.

Back in 1994, Michael Moore’s Michael Moore’s TV Nation (back when he was entertaining) had an episode where he featured crackpot groups that believed the end days were near.  One group predicted the world would end on September 15 (my birthday) of that year.  I was quite relieved that morning to wake up in my bed, rather than a flaming inferno.  Of course, later that morning, I read that Major League Baseball cancelled the World Series was cancelled, so maybe in a way, the crackpots were right.

Anyway, it’s a relief that CVS sign isn’t advertising the apocalypse. I’m not ready for the end of the world yet.

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2 thoughts on “The End is Near!

  1. Did you actually confirm they were selling DTV converters? Or does CVS (Celestial Virgins of Satan, perhaps) know something that we all don’t?

  2. You know, I never confirmed that- I was off running in a panic. Never got to check. Sorry for letting you down.

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