Naming Is Not A Game

Last week, the Civee and I found out that our baby on the way is a girl.

We’re both happy about this, and I have to admit, knowing this will cut down on a lot of disagreements within our household.  We’ve had a girl’s name in mind for many years.  On the other hand, when it comes to a boy’s name, we’ve only recently agreed on one that we both like.

I take naming our child very seriously.  Because of this, I was a bit more sensitive to some of the boys names out there.  Some names were rejected because they didn’t flow right.  Others reminded me of kids I grew up with, and I refuse to name my child after the kid who was smelly or one who beat me up at any time.

At the same time, there were a bunch of names that I liked that got an immediate veto from the Civee.  Here are some of them (including first and middle name combinations when applicable):

Those are just some of the names that the Civee has rejected.  Of course, she could forget these if and when there’s a next time to talk about boy’s names.

(And no, I won’t tell you what the boy’s name we liked was or what our daughter will be named.  I fear for my life should I spill the beans).

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5 thoughts on “Naming Is Not A Game

  1. I can’t say what’s on the short list, but sadly, Shemp did not make the first cut.

    I’ve thought of Chloe, but I’m not a huge fan of alliteration.

  2. Did not take the last name into consideration. I’m with you, it drives me a little crazy that I did not realize that both Logan and Lucy were the same. I know Lucy is the dog, but still. If we have another child it will not begin with L.

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