The Island Moves Again…To Tuesday Nights

It’s a good thing that the only decent thing on TV on Tuesday nights is already on ABC, because the alphabet network announced today that the final season of Lost will air Tuesday nights at 9.  Or as Lost Boss Carlton Cuse tweeted earlier today:

LOST will premiere Tuesday, February 2 at 9PM.

And yes, Tuesdays @ 9 PM will be the regular time slot.

I’m glad it’s back at 9:00 again.  That one season where it started at 10:00 kept me up way too late.  I’ve actually enjoyed ABC ‘s V revival, and it will be nice to have these two shows back-to-back.

Another good thing about the move to Tuesday nights- April 7, 2010 is a Thursday.  So I won’t be distracted by…other things.

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