The 2009 baseball season is over and the New York Yankees have won it all.

My first instinct is to say that all is right in the world. That with this victory, the new house feels like a home. But there’s more than that. While the 98-99-00 championships were great, this year’s championship is the first after many years of having great seasons, but underwhelming (or in the case of last year, no) postseasons.

This whole season, as a Yankees fan, was an exciting one.  You have the new ballpark, imports Burnett, Sabathia, Teixiera and Swisher, all of the come from behind and walkoff wins.  And then in the post season, the Yankees dispose handily of Minnesota, vanquish the longtime foes from Anaheim, Los Angeles California and finish it all by beating the defending champions.

As someone who was at the game the last time they won a series in The Bronx, this one definitely feels good.  I’m going to enjoy this.

And I’ll try convincing The Civee that Hideki is a suitable name for a boy.

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