Jack Bauer Vs. Scoliosis

I have an issue with this season of 24.  Much like previous days, I can’t take the CTU director/token authority figure seriously.

Sure, Brian Hastings is borderline incompetent, way too egotistical and follows the CTU rulebook a little too much.  But that we’ve seen before.  Rather, scenes with him are near unwatchable for one simple reason: the man cannot stand up straight.  Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

I know CTU is underground, but it seems like it has plenty of high ceilings.  And if he’s hunching over to hear those who are shorter than him, it may serve him better to take that dumbass earpiece out of his ear.  But if this guy has an early case of scoliosis, I don’t know if I can watch him slouching his way through another 20 hours.

I did have a few other things to say about these two hours of the eighth longest day of Jack Bauer’s life.

I think I spoke way too soon yesterday.

I said it wasn’t (yet) about some doomsday weapon or biological/chemical weapon.  Now that the assassination plot is done, the President of some random country’s soulpatched brother is trying to acquire nuclear rods from the father of the guy who played Sark on Alias.  Meanwhile, to find him, Jack has teamed up with Agent Renee (who is dealing with her own personal demons (possibly inspired by her time getting to know Jack last season) to go undercover to infiltrate the Russian mafia.  This should last another ten or so hours.

Still, tonight’s two hours of action packed in a lot of backstory for some of the character while totally resolving the assassination plot.  It was nice to see Agent Freddie save the day and not give in to Horace’s demands to change the perimeter.  This kid may have some promise after all.

Some other thoughts from tonight:

-I don’t know if it was me, but Hunchback Hastings was delighting a bit too much over hearing the sordid details of President Omar’s indiscretions.  I don’t buy that he didn’t record the conversation.  Maybe that’s what hours 20-24 of Day 8 will be about- Jack trying to prevent the sale of those tapes to the National Enquirer.

-It’s hard to believe that Jack Bauer let a cop (even a New York cop) beat up on him for 20 minutes.  It’s just as hard to believe that Jack Bauer would need to give a New York cop directions.

-I’m glad to see David Anders (a.k.a. Sark from Alias) involved with 24.  Except for part of the show’s third season, his material on that show was stellar.  I hope that his stint on 24 gives him a chance to showcase some of that smarminess.

-If the Russians are involved, I hope they manage to bring back Nick Jameson for another stint as President Suvarov.

-Another possible plot point for this season: the “dozens of world leaders en route to New York” for this signing going down at the United Nations.

-So it’s public knowledge that Soulpatch McToady (a.k.a. Lester from Chuck, a.k.a. President Omar’s brother) was involved with the plot to kill him.  It’s also out there that he did it for purposes of regime change and the President himself said Soulpatch might attempt to buy Russian nuclear rods.  Can’t he let his people know that his brother is evil? Cut off access to his bank accounts?  Or would that make too much sense?

-I said yesterday I was willing to give it a chance, but I’m already tired of Dana’s subplot.

-There were a few good one-liners aimed at Hunchback Hastings tonight.  The best, though, came from Chlöe: “Thank Jack, thank Cole, then maybe me.”

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What did you think?

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5 thoughts on “Jack Bauer Vs. Scoliosis

  1. I noticed the Hunchback last night too!

    What do you think about Deputy Hot Pants being back? Is that gonna be good or bad?

    Although her sawing off a hand is a good start if you ask me.

  2. I think starting off with sawing off a hand can only mean good things for Agent Red (a.k.a. Deputy HotPants). Very much different from her whole “this isn’t CTU” schtick of last year.

  3. I rewatching all the seasons and yeah he does have serious scoliosis. I did a search to see if anyone thought so and found this. I think head on though it makes him look serious, but after a while I want him to see CTU’s doctor.

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