Welcome to New York, Jack Bauer

Before I get this season of 24 blogging underway, I want to show you something you’ve only seen once before (if you paid attention) and may never see again:

I guess this proves that Jack Bauer sleeps too.

There are two reasons why I’m watching 24 this season (as opposed to the one reason that I had starting last season):

-Because this show is about Jack Bauer (which is the same reason that I watched last season after the stinker that was Day 6).

-Because I’m interested in seeing what they can do with this show being set in New York (and if Jack doesn’t visit Staten Island, I’ll be very disappointed).

It’s hard to do what 24 does in a creative manner year after year and keep it fresh.  The Civee declared midway through tonight’s two episodes that the storyline was full of cliches, and I had to agree with her.  You have the incompetent budget minded administrator that’s better off balancing finances than fighting terrorism.  You have romantically involved co-workers, one of whom is hiding things from the others.  A pill popping old boss whose health condition will likely come into play later on this season.

And despite all that, I continue to watch, because much like the heroin that Jack was addicted to back in Day 3, this show is addicting and can throw a surprise or two out there every now and then.

Like this:

You knew something was going to happen in the stairwell, but Jack taking out the two thugs with a fire axe was inspired.  And a reminder of why you’d never want to mess with Jack Bauer in a hardware store (speaking of which, I’ve gotten a lot of hits from people in the last few months looking for tips on how to hotwire a bulldozer.  My write-ups about 24 always bring the most interesting visitors to the Kingdom).

So this season isn’t (yet) about some doomsday weapon or biological/chemical weapon.  It’s about a simple assassination plot (so far).  By keeping it simple along with the Jack/Chlöe struggling to fit in to the modern CTU and avoiding any annoying side plots (the jury’s out on Dana Walsh’s past identity), this is a watchable season.  Of course, I think that’s what I said about Day 6.

Some other thoughts (mostly about the new characters):

-So the President’s family life is shattered because she did the right thing by putting duty over family.  Shades of David Palmer.

-The Dana Walsh subplot could be interesting.  I just hope it doesn’t tie in too much to the main plot.  The actress playing Walsh moves weird, like she’s trying too hard when she walks or hands someone a file.  I can’t describe it.

-Big surprise of the season:  I don’t hate Freddie Prinze Jr.  Yet.

-So everyone at CTU has heard of Jack Bauer.  Good.  But it might serve the new boss to study up on some other past CTU personnel as well.  Like Lynn McGill.

-Each time they showed the Russian guy, I kept thinking he seemed familiar.  Then he had that scene where he spoke without the accent and I got it immediately.  It’s Horace!

-Tony Almeida may not be on the show this season (so far).  But we here at the Kingdom are happy to see his soul patch from Day 1 return:

-Speaking of Soulpatch McToady, he was another guy who looked familiar at first.  But then I realized who he was:

Lester from Chuck got a new gig.  I sure hope Jeffster! isn’t breaking up!

What did you think?

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to New York, Jack Bauer

  1. I’m peeved. I had “Bauer in the apartment with the axe”, not in the stairwell.

    And if the terrorist base isn’t in New Dorp, I’ll be way disappointed. I think I detected a slight Dorpian accent at times.

  2. I noticed that after 11 minutes there was more Jack in this season than seemingly all of last season.

    This first 2-hour block didn’t bother me at all. A nice generic political pickle for Jack to bust up. Although I’m not a fan of the new CTU that is apparently in the subway.

    But if the axe battle is a preview of things to come then this season could be pretty good.

    Here’s hoping.

  3. djl: I hope one of these days Jack will visit a conservatory and have an occasion to use a candlestick. This show needs to visit New Dorp someday.

    MT: Well, there was definitely more Jack in the first two hours of this season than the second two. He was tied up by that cop for 20 minutes! I’m not sure how I feel about the new CTU.

  4. Should I hate everybody at new CTU? Because I really do.

    Except for agent Freddie, about whom I’m ambivalent at best. It’s like he’s a Jack Bauer fanboy, which is nice and all, except STOP WITH THE HERO WORSHIP AND DO YOUR JOB.

  5. The new CTU personnel (except for Agent Freddie) are very unlikeable, especially Arlo.

    Sure, Agent Freddie has the hero worship thing going on, but he’s somewhat competent.

  6. The actor portraying Farhad is not Vik Sahay (Lester Patel from Chuck ) It is Akbar Kurtha

    Although I must admit the resemblance is uncanny ! 😀

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