A few days ago, I was trying to make spaghetti, but couldn’t find a can opener to open a can of tomatoes for the sauce.  The can opener was either in one of the many boxes at the new place, or back at the apartment.  But with a pregnant wife getting hungrier by the second, I didn’t have time to mess around.  I improvised, nearly adding a jar of salsa, but instead opting to add a bunch of chopped up vegetables to the ground buffalo meat we had on hand.

Regardless of my being ill-equipped to prepare the dinner I had in mind, the food turned out good.

Yesterday, The Civee’s family came up and helped us get all but a few boxes of the rest of our stuff out of the apartment.  So we have even more boxes around here than before.  But even more importantly, the grill is out back.  And I celebrated the end of winter by grilling some steak for The Civee and myself.  Grilling over here is different.  I have to go up and down some steps to get from the kitchen to the grill.  I’m still not sure of where everything is.  But it’s a different kind of fun.  And of course, the food turned out good.

So it’s going to take us some time to get out of all these boxes and set up.  But at least we’re here before the baby.

Now I just have to find the can opener.

By the way, I noticed that last year, grilling season started on March 16.  I’m chalking up this year’s late start to the fact that I had been sleeping and cooking at a separate location from my grill.  I hope the grill will forgive me.  Maybe to make up for it, I’ll get the grill a nice new brush his year.

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  1. You’ll have boxes for like 3 years after you move in. I think we still have moving boxes in the basement and we’ve been in our house 6 years.

    But you have reminded me that I do need to clean the grill b/c it IS the season!

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