Finishing Up The Farmers’ Market Haul

Over the weekend, The Civee, Hope and I went to a local farmers’ market.  We’ve been there a few times before, but it’s not like we’re regulars. Most of the good stuff sells out early and the place gets way too crowded on hot summer days.

Despite the drawbacks, we picked up a lot of peaches, stringbeans and tomatoes.  We ate a few peaches used some beans over the weekend, but had a bunch still left to eat.  Tonight, looking at these fruits and vegetables, I realized if I didn’t use them now, I would not have the chance later.

We were having salmon for dinner.  The beans were easy- they would be our vegetable. I could make the tomatoes into gazpacho. But we had six peaches, which I was drawing a blank on how to use. Then The Civee suggested I just use them with the salmon. Actually, it was a rather easy solution. Both are similar colors. Both go well with brown sugar. So why wouldn’t they go well together?

I sauteed the peaches and salmon separately, then added them together at the last minute. And it was good.  I have to say everything went together well.

Hope had some of everything. While she wasn’t really into the gazpacho, she did enjoy the combination of the peaches and salmon. I tried getting a picture of her eating, but I couldn’t get a good one. Instead, I’ll share this one taken at lunch today:

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