(Not Those) Yankees Win the World’s Series

For the past eight years, I’ve participated in the Ohio Old Time Strat-O-Matic League, an all-time, online simulated baseball league. Because we use players from throughout baseball history (their abilities normalized to allow for an even playing field), The Civee refers to it as the “Dead Players Baseball League.”

The OOSL doesn’t take up that much of my time, but it is a year-round commitment, considering there’s games to be played during the season and trades to be made in the off-season.

Earlier today, we wrapped up the 2011 season with game 9 (it is an old-timey league after all) of the World’s Series. My team (the New York Yankees, naturally) won the series, beating the Montreal Expos.

I’ve made the post-season a few other times, but never made it further than the League Championship Series. But even in years when I finished with a losing record, I still enjoyed participating.

It’s nice to have won it all. Despite her commentary on the league, The Civee is proud of me for winning. I may just take it easy this offseason. But then again, I do have trades to make.

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