Twitter: a Place for Celebrities to Answer Your Questions

Over the past month or so, The Civee, Hope and I have developed a breakfast routine on weekends: waffles and/or pancakes. Hope loves preparing just as much as she loves eating- she and The Civee mix the ingredients and I cook.

This morning, while getting some pancakes ready, The Civee informed me we had twins- the egg she just cracked had a double yolk (stupidly, I forgot to grab a camera and document this, so you’ll have to take my word for it). We went back and forth over whether the recipe should be modified- would the added protein in the second yolk throw a monkey wrench into the balance of the recipe? Ultimately, we decided to go with the recipe as is and the pancakes turned out fine.

But throughout the day, that question was on my mind. Did we make the right call? What if we had been cooking something where the egg played a key role? I’m sure I could have Googled an answer, but I’d rather hear from an expert.

I’ve followed Alton Brown on Twitter since he started his account. I’ve watched his shows for years. He’s one of two people on the Food Network these days that actually knows anything about food. If anyone could answer my question, it would be him. Still, he’s a busy guy and even though he answers a lot of questions on Twitter, odds are that mine would fall through the cracks. Still, I decided to send my question out into the ether:

And before you could say egg-salad sandwich:

I was quite surprised. The Civee and I made the right call. Alton Brown answered my question and he did it rather expeditiously. I did sent Alton (I figure we’re on a first-name basis now) a follow up thank you, because he didn’t have to answer my question.

This goes to show that you never know until you ask. And thanks to Twitter, at least one celebrity has acknowledged my existence.

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