Fighting Fires With Hope

Hope’s favorite place in our neighborhood is the fire station two blocks from our house. It’s not bad living near a fire station; the trucks aren’t that loud and the firefighters wave to Hope whenever they drive by.

We went out for a walk tonight and as we were headed back home, we passed the fire station. For the past few months, the garage doors have been closed, disappointing Hope each time we walked by. But tonight, the doors were open and Hope went crazy (in a good way). One of the firefighters was outside and waved us over.

The firefighter invited us in and showed Hope the fire truck (the engine, as opposed to the ladder). He showed Hope his helmet, turned the lights on and even let her sit in the driver’s seat.

I think it’s safe to say this made her day. She talked about it the whole walk back home and even when we were putting her to bed.

The three of us take a lot of walks around the neighborhood and I just hope she doesn’t expect this to be a regular thing.

The Civee and I (and especially Hope) are happy to have the fire station in our neighborhood. Thanks to the crew at station 13 for making Hope’s night.

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