Post-Movie Weather

Becauee of this great Smarch weather we’ve been having, it’s been a lot of fun to be outside.

I’ve gone running, played in the backyard with Hope and one night this week, The Civee, Hope and I even ate dinner outside. I think this is the first winter in Ohio where I haven’t complained about the weather.

Earlier today, and I can’t remember why, I got to thinking about what I can best term as “post-movie weather.” It was this feeling from my younger days (when I had summers free) of exiting a movie theater on a hot summer day. I’d go from one environment, dark and very cool to hot, bright and humid. I think that was the only time I didn’t mind the combination of heat and humidity.

I was probably thinking of post-movie weather because that’s what this past week has felt like compared to the typical winter. Overall, very enjoyable for what’s supposed to be more miserable weather.

I’ll have more time this weekend to spend outside. Although it may not all be enjoyable, as I’ll have to get started with the yard work sometime.

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