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The Civee and I have now been living in our house for two years (Hope has a few weeks to go before catching up to us). The house is older and we’ve put some work into it. We have gotten a new roof, a new fence and done a number of other projects (with the assistance of family and friends) around the house.

We wrote a list recently of things to do over the next few months. Not just the typical spring cleaning-type work, but other things we would like to finish before baby number two arrives.

I actually got a good start on the list last weekend. I finished painting/staining a bannister we added so Hope wouldn’t fall off the stairs. I replaced a malfunctioning screen door mechanism. And I removed a few kitchen cabinets, flipped them around and they now open in a direction that makes sense to The Civee and I.

But these were just a few items from the beginning of the list. I still have a long way to go. And this does not make me a handyman. It doesn’t even make me used to my own house at times.

While the screen door closes now, it does so with a snap that it didn’t have before. I can’t store things on the shelf we used to have on the stairs. And while the kitchen cabinets now open in a way that makes sense, I guess I got used to the other way, as this weekend, I kept trying to open them the wrong way.

Still, it does feel good to get things done around the house and checked off the list.

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