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Over the past few days, I’ve had conversations with friends about blogging.

One friend is considering starting a blog. The other used to blog prolifically, but hasn’t updated his blog in a while.

Both conversations left me feeling like I should blog more. I had a streak of a few days last month where I was updating regularly, but since then I’ve had a hard time coming up with ideas. My veteran blogger friend suggested going outside. But today it’s nasty outside, so that method of inducing inspiration will have to wait.

At least we’re entering the time of year where the weather is more conducive to outside activities (unless you get hit by a solar flare). So maybe I’ll have more to write about. Or I could just write about being indoors and having nothing to write about.

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2 thoughts on “Indoors Inspiration

  1. Blogging about blogging…that’s the first sign. Been there, done that, hated it.

    I’ve found there’s nothing better to get you back into a blogging mood than a new theme. With a new coat of paint you’ll want to show it off a bit more and that’ll get you writing again. Maybe shop around for a new theme and see what that does for you.

  2. You could always blog about my favorite subject: HOPE. New pictures and new videos would be great too!
    Hugs n Kisses!

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