Tracking the Flood, part xxx

951I ii piano
952Stop, Drop 019
953Untitled2 foolish father
95401 Autopilot 2
955Second Best Hugger in the World – 2013-2-14 sketch 2
956Untitled10 1
957I Can’t Find The Words 6 verse vo
958Sports Team 2
959128 Peas in the Basement
962ideas 11-27-2011 20h0m26s
963Apples And Oranges 1 AN @59
964Working Man – 2013-3-26-13 pro sketch
965Anonymous – v25
96602 Funky Hr-16 plus Bass Jam
967I’m A Robot – 2004-07-20
968Destination Take Me Home 060
969Almost Beautiful 3 Happy Now @125
970Rest In Peace – v21
971Work 2-12-2013 10h44m30s
972Tell Me What you Want
974Let’s Go To The 33rd Dimension – v3
975140 D D C G (A22 late night jam) (c

Tracking the flood, part xxix

926You Could   Take Me Anywhere 9
9274 1 2 2 ACE   OF SPADES drum stem (timpani) @ 94
928Binoculars –   2013-6-26-12 rough sketch
930ecwcrk   9-20-2012 12h38m38s
931something   special 4 I thought I lay @102
932Work   10-28-2013 13h50m5s
933Ghost @125
934I Won’t   Flake On You – v6
935Show   Me Who You Are (8th Melo) – 2004-05-18
936wild_animals_5_verse   1
937No   Contact – 2004-05-18
938Womack   Church – v2 Instrumental
939Supergirl   – v2
940Happy   to See You Together
941I’m   Just Being Honest – 2012-12-14 early piano sketch 2
942Ideas   10-3-2013 15h20m3s
943You   Were A Man – SFTBH
944The   Flowers In Your Hair
946Living   In Harmony 2b @118
947Medicine 7
948Shining   Stars 8
949The   Ivory Telephone – v4
950See   You, Feel You – v2

Tracking the flood, part xxviii

901Dead Man’s   Float – 2003 Demos
902Cleopatra –   v22
903ideas 10-18-2012 18h12m51s
904guiding   light – dictadroid1_2015_1_2
905I Want You   To Notice Me – v3 sketch
90609 You’re   lovely_ and a haunting cho
907Everyone   Knows 8
908Resurgum   Fidei – v2
909Movies 2 Tight Black Dress
910Elaine- v7   be my steady sketch
911Subjective 4
912clean riffs   with hecksher
914Cleopatra –   v18
915Kick Ass   Minor C115
916QB   Blitz 3 drums @99
91710 My Day is   Coming
9181998 Riff 1   (Heavy Metal)
919Unknown Song   C – 2012-11-16-12
920Still   Dreaming 3 @66.6667 -6 to -3
921Et Tu Brute   – 2003 Demos
923Sick Of All   The Effort
924The British   Are Coming – v47
925Expatriates   In Paris 10

Tracking the flood, part xxxvii

877June Bride 15
879Susanne – Don Slacks
880Untitled4 2
881Nothing Like It 7 @128
882Drama Queen – 2003 Demos
883I Wish I Could Autotune My Face – 2013-1-19 sketch 3
8843 doors down minor shuffle
885You’re Prettier Than You Think You Are
886I Won’t Let You Down – v8 1
887Anonymous – v2
888The Rules Of Life – v46
889Fall Together – v2 alt riff
890Scotty’s Pullover (tennis ball)
891East Coast or West Coast – East VocUp
893Inspired 10
894Break Me – 2004-05-18
895To Infect
898QB Blitz 11 music box @102
899Anonymous – v19
900Why Am I Getting So Upset 10 ozma

Tracking the flood, part xxxvi

851Hide Into   The Sun – 2
852Ideas   7-14-2013 14h28m47s
853All Around   Me, Everywhere
85410 Scat
855Does Anybody   Love Anybody – v11 meet
856The British   Are Coming – v13
857Over The   Mountain – 2004-05-18
859Unknown Song   C – 2012-11-5 3
860Heart of   Hearts 5 @128
861The Rules Of   Life – v26
86212 Pig 2
863Groovy Piano   Melody Ii V    I Vi
864212 I Wish   You Luck
865Make Some   Noise For That 3 –1 6 3 b6 5 piano    @64
86611 Woolly   Mammoth (heavy major riff)
867I Swear It’s   True – Don Slacks
869Any Friend   of Diane’s 8 welcome verse @89
870VI iv   VII v    i aku pluck
871Ideas   12-16-2012 10h7m31s
872Summer Love   Examp
873Bone On Bone   – 2013-2-28 sketch 6
874Thief You’ve   Taken All That Was Me
87501 i must   have dranken a lot more th

Tracking the flood, part xxxv

827Buttafucco   374
828Sorrowful   Essence 3@118
829Rock And   Roll Cockroach – Instrumental
83008 riff
831Ideas   10-3-2013 13h23m50s
832Nice Aku   Tune – 2014-10-23
833gun it 3 @ 62.5
834Down By The   Tree – v1
83501 Track 01   3
836Smaller Than   Life – 2013-2-14 sketch 5
837Don’t Give   It up 1 beast drum AG @90
838Sandwiches   Time – v1
839Anonymous –   v13
841What’s Up   With Me – pro sketch
842Bone On   Bone 5
843Codependent   – v2
844Second Best   Hugger In The World – v2
845Work   7-20-2012 9h34m45s
84620 strummy   riff
847sick   ascending chords aku
848Down By The   Tree – v3b
849I’m Such A   Little Bitch [Demo
85015 Now I   Finally See

Tracking the flood, part XXXIV

80110 Plankton   Frito–demo of Mike’s pa
802St. George –   2012-10-3 early acoustic sketch 1
803Anonymous –   v6
804There Is No   Try – 2012-11-13 2
805Codependent   – v8
806@115   Untitled5-1
807It’s A Game
810Work   2-24-2013 11h56m43s
811Come On
812Children’s_Album   10-4-2011 9h6m23s
81305 Dadddy   I’m going to sing this son
814Ideas   10-3-2013 15h38m7s
815I Saw You on   Saturday Night
816Oh Sisyphus   Voice Memo – 2014-9-28
817Johnny   Clash 6 toothpick bridge @1
818Start-Up 2
81912 I think   everybody should eat lots
820Beautiful   Lies 4 no drums @64
822Longtime   Sunshine Vocals 1 – SFTBH
823I Wanna Tell   You What You’ve Been Missing – sketch
824The Rules Of   Life – v24

Tracking the Flood, part xxxiii

776A Little Help Here 2 @112
7771998 Riff 6 (Full Instrumental)
781Et Tu Brute D – 2003 Demos
782mixo piano groove i iii VII i 2
783Meet Up With My Maker – v3
784Untitled1 12
785Sugar Cookie – v1
786major melody bells 2012-08-03_10-24
788Smaller Than Life – 2013-2-14 sketch 8
789Real Life Friend – v6
790toby gad idea 3
791Only Just This Once – 2004-02-20
792Ode to Whine 2
793I’m Gonna Crush You
795East Coast or West Coast – 2012-9-20 sketch
796Wagamama – 2013-2-19-13 sketch 2
797Medicine 4
79803 Ain’t Got No Words
799We Are Fighters 4
800I Can’t Stop, I’m 0 for the Day

Weezer’s The Organ Player: What Rivers Was Saying All Along

When Weezer was making their fourth album Maladroit, Rivers Cuomo dropped a bad habit: he started writing songs that meant something again.

In response to the reaction to Pinkerton, Rivers decided to write songs without any personal meaning. It was a phase that lasted for a few years. And when Weezer had commercial success with the Green Album in 2001, it justified where Rivers’ head was at. But while a large number of fans liked Green, they also wanted songs with some personal meaning. So when Rivers was writing the songs for Maladroit (and songs for post-Maladroit albums written before Maladroit was even made), he started writing real again.

Some of these songs, like Private Message or 367 were literally about what was going on in Rivers’ (very online) life.

Other songs were metaphorical. Prodigy Lover and Mo Beats were about lawsuits facing the band and the ex-members that instigated them. And then there was the Organ Player.

The Organ Player is a laid-back song about a man performing music in public. He’s heckled by a bitter young man:

He can’t accept what the other ones can
That the song is greater than him
Spreading venom in the crowd
Laughing high horses are loud

The organ player keeps playing:

He won’t be swayed from the right melody
Because he knows its beauty

Things get worse when the bitter young man keeps at it:

He’s got to take on the source of his pain
At the cost of righteous thinking

Casting necromancer spells
Summoning demons from hell

But the organ player keeps playing. And the song gets better.

A perfect tune doesn’t need a disguise.

By the end of the song, the bitter young man is defeated and the organ player presumably goes off to make more music. It’s an interesting story, but it’s very autobiographical.

Rivers first wrote The Organ Player in June of 2002. The earliest demo of it was a relationship song recorded while he was in Korea for the World Cup. But sometime between then and when Weezer recorded it in early July, it took on the story.

At the time, Rivers frequented a few Weezer message boards. Both the official board on and a fan-run board called the Rivers Correspondence Board. As he said back then, Rivers lived a life where he was in a different city every day. Having an online community gave him stability. Although, as someone who was on both at the time, the RCB was definitely not a source of stability.

Rivers with a bunch of fans, July 2002, Columbus, Ohio.

It seemed a prerequisite for most RCB members was to be the prototypical bitter young man. There was a very anti-Green, anti-Maladroit sentiment. People wanted songs that came from real experiences. Songs that evolved. And despite derision about his newest material, Rivers remained steadfast in his belief that he was on the right path. He was confident that his new approach would lead to even more success for the band. As he posted on the RCB in the spring of 2002:

here’s something you have to understand: “classic” weezer is going to be buried by a far more popular “new” style over the next few years. those 20 songs that you guys are so attached to are going to mean nothing to the millions and millions of new fans that are coming in.

What’s more, Rivers knew that he needed to get through this phase and use it to build what was next:

5 might contain:
from pink: emotional inspiration
from green: strophic form; 2.5 min. songs
from mala: natural playing, singing, and creative input from all 4 of us.

of course, i could be wrong.

Looking back on things now, he was right.

Throughout Weezer’s career, it’s been the case where each album was a departure from what came before it. And Rivers has grown with each phase.

Back in 2002, I don’t think anyone expected Weezer’s career would last another 20 plus years. Or that some of their best albums would be in the future. But that’s what happened. Weezer’s biggest commercial successes happened after 2002.

At the time, fans wanted a return to the band’s earliest years. Maybe because we didn’t know what was to come. I won’t be silly and say Rivers knew the future. But with the Organ Player, he was telling us he was sticking with the right melody. And things worked out fine.

Tracking the Flood, Part XXXII

751whistle circle o’ 5ths
752I’ll Love You Every Day 8 @68
753Kinda Bluesy
754superstar_chorus_@162 1
75508 There is No Other One
756Work 5-29-2013 12h59m37s
75719 trampoline
758It Feels Like Summer 2 @160
760Why Am I Getting So Upset 3
761Let’s Go To The 33rd Dimension – v9
762Wagamama – 2013-2-8-13 sketch 1
763Prodigy Lover
764The Tower Of Babel – v7
765tense desperate piano 3
766Well It’s A New Day – 2
767Anonymous – v18
768Love Canopy – v1
769I Want To Take You Home Tonight – Edi 3
770The Gift Of Gab – v4
771I’ll Think About You – Don Slacks
772Your Room
7731-5-4 @77I_want_down_time_2015_2_23_17_23_
774troublemaker feel and low bridge
775Love Me – v4