What, you didn’t think it’d end there?

The one little thing that bugs me about 24: There is no 12:00 p.m. There is also no 12:00 a.m. There’s either 12 midnight or 12 noon. At least twice a season, Jack Bauer bugs me.

Did you really think it would end with the CTU finding the nerve gas?

Did Walt Cummings think he could stare down Jack Bauer and walk out of the room with unsoiled pants?

The answer to both of those questions is of course not.

Good episode. Quicker moving than last week’s, but it still doesn’t feel like it was a whole hour. Random thoughts:

-That first conference room scene, it looked like Rudy the Hobbit was working out or something. Just the way he was standing and posing as Jack was going off. He’s short, so he has to authoritate his stature (I heard that word at work once).

-That scene where they pulled the truck up to the port- why did it look like it was raining?

-That guy who played the nerve gas victim- do you think that performance is going on his demo reel? I think he was also itch sufferer number two in that one Curex commerical a few years back.

-Is it me, or is everyone using a “call from/to the State Department” as an excuse this season.

-Buchanan mentioned the CHiPs. I think Ponch and Jon are going to find the nerve gas before the season is over.

-The mother (still can’t remember her name- and I’m too lazy to look it up from last week’s recap) has some trouble-causing mouth on her. She must have been a bitch in junior high.

-Logan to Walt: “What did you say?” Geez, Logan acting tough is the most pathetic thing ever.

-Loved Buchanan’s verbal smackdown on Lynn: “That’s because you don’t have enough experience to know any better.” And I think that Audrey and Edgar were loving it too. I bet they were high-fiving each other as soon as Buchanan and Lynn left the room.

-I (and anyone else paying attention) have been waiting ten months for Jack’s smackdown on Walt. I think that was the best scene this season. Scenes like that and the one in season 3 where the jet fighters swooped in to stop Saunders make me proud to be an American.

-At the end of the episode- it was about time Logan remembered his wife. Yet the weasel still blames everything on Walt.

-Of all the people in that Presidential command center, (Excluding Jack), the one most qualified to be President is Aaron the Secret Service agent. And Logan knows that.

-The episode’s ending seemed awkward. After terrorist guy said “steep price,” the camera cut around to no one in particular, then just cut to the clock. Weird.

But great episode.

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