Jack has entered “upset” mode

After two lackluster weeks, the show I know as 24 is back.

Random thought during the previouslies: This show would be a lot different if Wayne Brady played the part of Wayne Palmer. If that were the case, I’d want to see Colin Mochrie play the part of Aaron Pierce and Tony Slattery play Jack.

The show was back to it’s normal self. I wasn’t surprised with the Audrey swerve, even though part of me wanted her to be involved. Although you wonder how low she went to get busy with Walt. Nice action piece/game of beat the clock at the end. Although, if the nerve gas was all destroyed in the explosion, what’s left for the bad guys? Or will the remainder of the season be 9 hours of the jaws of life cutting through a random police car.

Anyway, on to the thoughts about this episode:

-How did Miles get cleaned up so quickly?

-When they were having the conversation about whether or not to torture Audrey, the only thing I could think is, “well, Heller’s already had one of his kids tortured- I think he’s the kind of guy who thinks it would be good for her too.”

-I’m ready to nominate Jack for sainthood. How he could go through a day like this (not to mention the previous seasons) without dropping one f-bomb is beyond me.

-So can anyone at CTU pop up full-screen live video of the torture cam on their desktop? Talk about a workspace perk!

-Chlöe was being real patient with the new girl.

-Sometimes I think when they introduce new CTU employees, instead of it being someone mirroring their key demographic, they should bring in some old, fat, balding, cigar-chewing Ed Asner type who goes on and on about the “damn commies.” It would introduce some workplace diversity to CTU.

-Audrey was recovering from losing Jack, so she sleeps with the guy who planned his death. Karma’s a bitch.

-Someone tell the new girl Chlöe doesn’t need to be told details. She gets them.

-It disgusts me to see Jack grovel to somone like Karen.

-I’m no expert but here’s a tip that terrorists are about to intrude: A random truck pulls up in the middle of the night (during a period of martial law). A shady guy with some weird accent pops out saying “we have an important delivery.” I’ve never taken a class in the field, but I believe that’s a warning sign of some type.

-I want a phone where I can just yell into it “get me the president” and be taken seriously.

-The post-torture scene between Jack and Audrey was actually nice.

-Oh great, this new chick is even more emotionally fragile than Chlöe. Of course, the worse part of this is it gives Miles some credibility.

-Is setting off a bomb in a natural gas plant a good idea?

-A minute later: I didn’t think so.

-Jack running from the exploding plant reminded me of the Lando Calrissian-piloted Millennium Falcon escaping the exploding Death Star.

-How exactly did the explosion knock out Bierko?

And this has nothing to do with this week’s episode of 24, but for a guy who died three years ago, George Mason is in the news a lot lately. What gives?

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