Oh yeah, I watch this show too!

After what seems like the fifth multi-week hiatus this season, Lost returns!

This episode was mediocre. It picked up in the closing scenes, but I feel, as a loyal viewer, that if you’re going to make me wait multiple weeks for a new episode, I want something big to welcome me back to the world of Lost. The only thing this episode was big on was melodrama.

The scenes with Jin, Sawyer and Bernard on the beach and Ana-Lucia and Sayid by the campfire were good- hell, Ana-Lucia stole the show for me this week. And like I said, I liked the closing scenes- but overall, the episode was a bit flat.

But I guess not every episode of Lost can kick ass.

Some individual thoughts:

-Was Sawyer reading “Are you there God, it’s me, Margret?” He must be really bored.

-Is it me, or are they deliberately trying to make every woman on this show seem unfaithful?

-Looks like Henry picked up on the torture from Sayid and has decided to give a little more details to the burying story.

-“Are you lookin at my bum?” At least they didn’t have Charlie call her a cheeky-monkey.

-I’d like to know what kind of prizes are at the bottom of a Dharma-brand box of corn flakes. Maybe a heiroglyphics decoder ring?

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