The day’s more than half over

To avoid spoiling you, dear reader, I’ll hide my feelings on this week’s 24 ’till after the jump.

I didn’t like last week’s episode at all. I was thinking the same of this week’s- it just didn’t do anything for me, until the words “Department of Defense” in the final scene. I don’t know where they’re going with it, but it looks like things will get interesting, rather than Jack and company just playing find the Euros like they’ve been doing the last few episodes.

Some things:

-So Curtis was at CTU for a minute, and he’s already ready to hit the road? Geez, he moves fast!

-Logan really needs to take some public speaking classes. I don’t think a President should sound paranoid or roll his eyes in an address where he’s putting the nation’s second largest city under martial law. But that’s just me. And because I probably won’t mention it elsewhere tonight, let me just say: Jean Smart! First lady of cleavage! There, that’ll keep the weirdos coming.

-He’s said two lines this episode and I want someone to kill this Miles guy. And soon. Update: Chlöe’s hot-coffee trick was nice, but the guy needs to be put in his place more than that.

-So Desmond left the island and he’s hanging out with another French chick. Okay, if you don’t watch Lost, you won’t get that.

-What operating system do the bad guys use? Is it open-source?

-So was Vice President Leland Palmer on the phone with Arnold? I don’t think Leland Palmer (possesed by BOB or not) would be bossing around the Terminator like that.

-Buchanan should tell Hayes that reprecussions don’t affect Jack Bauer.

-I digged the music during the scene where they apprehended Cölette. Or wherever her name was.

-And of course Jack double-crossed Desmond. I think it’s abundantly clear that Jack Bauer should be running the world.

-Cölette: “everyone is for sale.” First, they have Jack use the Million Dollar Dream on Curtis. Now this quote. Is Ted DiBiase a writer for 24 now?

-“CTU was hit, but we’re still doing our job.” -About time Bill steps up for himself.

-That ending scene was great. The rest of the episode, not so much.

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