Guess he should have stayed in the bank.

In honor of First Lady Martha Logan, last Friday was declared National Cleavage Day. Okay, it was in South Africa and it has nothing to do with 24, but I need to attact the other weirdos somehow.

Thoughts on 11:00-midnight:

Damn good episode. It’s a bit different with Jack not having to stop some cataclysmic act of terrorism within a certain time period. Right now, his only goal is to take down Logan as soon as possible- and you know they’re going to drag it out until 7:00 or so. Whether that’s a good thing will depend on how many hoops Jack et. al will have to jump through throughout the rest of the day.

Quick, pointless thoughts about the hour:

-Why was Jack looking through the hotel window? I don’t think now is the appropriate time for that sort of behavior.

-At least Wayne is good with kids. Come to think of it, I hope they don’t bring back the Palmer kids.

-Now that Logan is evil, he gets the bad guy lighting. Makes you wonder if they had to bring in a new lighting tech, or grip, or even best boy for that kind of change.

-New for the manpurse: a home alarm cracking kit. Nice to know they’re updating the manpurse for the spring season.

-Audrey’s being sneaky and Jack is playing bad cop. I like where this episode is going.

-I didn’t like how Logan was talking to the VP. He’s going to make BOB angry and the First Lady is going to wind up dead. Wrapped in plastic.

-The little girl is a dumbass.

-Most of the stuff -in terms of plotlines and technology, for some reason, I can buy. I can suspend my disbelief for the hour. But the one thing that reminds me that this is a TV show- seeing the bank window saying the branch was open until 6:00. Now who’s going to believe that?

-I have a feeling the First Lady of Cleavage is going to be pissed when she finds out the truth.

-I’m glad RoboCop called Logan. The last thing I needed to see was some Logan Lovin.

-Why is Sexual Harassment Sherry still there? Didn’t she get fired with the rest of the leftovers?

-I think someone in Hollywood came up with the following idea: Let’s take a bunch of Jack Bauer’s lines from 24 (“XX taught me everything I know.” “HOLSTER YOUR WEAPON!”), and make a movie with Kiefer Sutherland as a government agent speaking in nothing but those lines.

Good episode. I’m looking forward to next week.

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